Websites go down, key employees leave, security patches are announced, and crises happen. We can help.

OpsBot is 24/7 full stack support. We work with high-end, top 50 world-wide highest traffic websites, hospitals, universities, and a lot of places where security really matters.

If your site is currently going through an emergency, we can help. Contact us or call 1-844-4OPSBOT and we can get started.

  • Full Stack Management: You should select the technology that best fits your business, not your hosting provider. The OpsBot team is comfortable with all of your technology, from the Linux kernel to the Javascript framework du-jour.
  • High-Availability Architecture: OpsBot can manage your site and infrastructure on the public or private cloud of your choice, but we especially love AWS, RackSpace, DigitalOcean, and VMware.
  • 24x7x365 Tier 3 Support: We monitor all tiers of your application, and you can always reach a real engineer in Boulder, Colorado, for emergency support.
  • Configuration Management: We implement and support the config management tool that best fits your team: Puppet, Chef, Salt, or Ansible.
  • Instant DevOps Toolbox: Get a handle on your environment with leading DevOps tools on day one, including Docker, Jenkins, Graylog2/ELK, Icinga/Nagios, Graphite, CollectD, GitLab, and PMWiki.

  • Unlimited Load Testing: Our suite of capacity and performance testing tools is available for unlimited use against your OpsBot-managed site, app, or API.
  • SCM Agnostic: Let OpsBot host your very own private GitLab instance for free, or store your “infrastructure as code” in Github, Mercurial, or wherever you prefer.
  • Security: Need to comply with PCI or HIPAA requirements? With OpenVPN access to your environment, regular vulnerability scanning, and quick turnaround on critical patches, we’ve got you covered.
  • Predictable DevOps Budget: Unlimited incident triage, data restoration, and routine system maintenance ensure a predictable expense no matter what your business encounters.
  • Fault Finding: The buck stops here – if there’s a problem at any layer of your technology stack, we’ll take the lead and coordinate team members to ensure a quick resolution.