opsbot-logo-home-devopsDevOps. Tech Ops. Enterprise Security. Cyber Cryctionation Buzzwords. It all sounds a bit like a Hogwarts to many but the clear reality is that our fair company loves to keep sites healthy, online, and free of any problems. At OpsBot, we provide the benefits of building your own DevOps / TechOps / Security Team, but we are a fraction of the price and will happily work nights and weekends (24/7 support). Read a few of our customer bios reviews or check out our free DevOps Coaching to help you get to know OpsBot and see if we are the right fit.

“I called OpsBot in a bit of a panic. Our site was down and to be frank, my job was on the line. They were calm and amazing at getting the site up to speed. Now they look after the site proactively looking at the site for any security issues. When the site goes down I can just hop on IM with them and chat until the problem is fixed.” -Andrew, NYC

We are a company founded with the idea that DevOps should add to the experience of working at your company, not hinder it.